Parinirvana Day

Parinirvana Day

Sunday 19 February 10:30am – 4:30pm

The Buddha was unwell and, at 80 years old, he knew he would die before too long. He asked his companion Ananda to call the monks to him and, being unable to walk any further, Ananda made a bed for him between two Sal trees by the side of the road. After a final teaching, he slipped into a deep state of absorption and from there, into perfect nirvana. 

It is this occasion that Buddhists all over the world celebrate on the full moon in February – and we shall also be celebrating at the Colchester Centre on 19th February. On these days, we not only reflect on the nature of the Buddha’s life and example, but also on his teachings on impermanence, and on our own experiences of the death of those we know. 

The day will end with a puja. We have traditionally placed on the shrine photos of friends or family that have died in the last year or so. Please feel free to bring photos of your own. During the offerings section of the puja the names of those who have died will be read out as offerings are given. Some people like to write things like: ‘David Brown, father of Peter Brown’ when giving the names so that everyone in the room understands the significance of the name. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this suitable for newcomer's?

The day is suitable for anyone who is familiar with the Metta Bhavana and Mindfulness of Breathing practices. However if you are new to meditation then you may find our newcomers class is a better place for you to start off.

Is there a shared lunch?

Yes, please bring vegetarian / vegan food to share

What food should I bring for lunch?

Vegan or vegetarian food for a shared lunch. Things like salad, bread, crisps, cake etc.

Is there parking available?

As we are in the town centre we do not have onsite parking, the nearest car parks are Britannia and Napier Road.

We are also directly opposite the town train station and serviced by good bus links.

Bikes can be locked to the railings at the back of the building.

Can I just come to the morning or afternoon session?

Yes you can, although it is good to arrive at the start of one of the sessions or at lunch time. Of course the more you engage with this programme the more you will get out of the day.

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