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Mitra Ceremonies

Mitra Ceremonies

Saturday 11 June 2022 4:30am – 7am

A Mitra ceremony involves a formal, public declaration of the intention to explore what it is like being a Buddhist and practicing Buddhist ethical precepts, in the context of the Triratna Buddhist community.  “Mitra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “friend,” so it is also a ceremonial expression of joining and being welcomed into a community of friends, based on shared spiritual aspirations.

Join David Playfoot, Chris Johnston-Wood and Angel Shrestha to celebrate as they take this important step in their spiritual lives.

Time Activity
14:30 Introduction to the ceremony
14:45 Mitra Ceremonies for David, Chris and Angel
17:00 Refreshments and cake! *

* Please bring vegan or vegetarian nibbles and cake to share.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event open to anyone?

Yes. Many of those who will be having their ceremonies will invite friends and family to witness this special moment in their Dharma lives.

Do I need to book?

No. If you wish to attend the ceremonies you can do so. If you intend to come it would be helpful to arrive at the start of either the morning or afternoon sessions.

Where there be an online version of the ceremony?

No. This will be an in-person event only, held at the Colchester Buddhist Centre.

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