Men's Day: Working with Difficulties in Meditation

Men's Day: Working with Difficulties in Meditation

Sunday 26 June 10:30am – 4pm

This Men's Day continues our theme of exploring meditation, building on previous men's days and the meditation mentoring programme. 

At this event our exploration of meditation will see us looking at the nature of so called difficulties and how they may manifest in our practice. We will then learn how we might work with them through a series of presentations, lead meditations and discussions.

The following dates will continue this deep dive into our meditation practice:

31st July 

11th September 

4th December


Please bring vegan food for our shared lunch

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Harsharatna   Led by Harsharatna


Time Activity
10:30 Welcome, Introductions & Brief Tune- in
10:50 Meditation
11:30 The nature of 'so called' difficulties in meditation
12:00 Tea and group discussion
13:00 Lunch *
14:00 How to work with 'so called' difficulties in meditation
14:30 Lead meditation
15:00 Tea & Group Discussion
15:30 Just Sitting & Ritual
16:00 Close

* Please bring vegan food to share

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just come to the morning or afternoon session?

Yes you can, although it is good to arrive at the start of one of the sessions or at lunch time. Of course the more you engage with this programme the more you will get out of the day.

Do I have to have been meditating for a long time?

No. The purpose of this theme being adopted for the whole of 2022 to assist men with their meditation practice no matter much experience they have.

Can I still take part in the meditation mentoring programme if I haven't already indicated that I would like to?

Yes. If you would still like to take part in the mentoring programme just get in touch with Sthiranaga at anytime. (

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