Men's Day with Sanghanistha

Men's Day with Sanghanistha

Sunday 24 November 10am – 4:30pm

We are delighted to announce that Sanghanistha, the current Chairman of the Padmaloka Men's Retreat Centre, will be coming to Colchester on Sunday 24th November to lead a day for men.

The theme of the day will be The Buddha's Vision of Love and is open to all men with experience of our two meditation practices (Mindfulness of Breathing and the Mettā Bhāvanā). The day will include meditation, talks, discussion and some Buddhist Ritual (pujā).

Sanghanistha was born and bred in Colchester and first came through the doors of the Manor Road Centre in August 2000. He was involved with Buddhafield East from its beginning for around 4.5 years and also worked in the Evolution Shop in Ipswich for a similar length of time. He was involved in the young Buddhist's project from 2009 - 2016.

After being the kitchen manager, maintenance man and Centre Manager he became Chairman of Padmaloka in 2017.

Sanghanistha was ordained at Guhyaloka in 2011, his name means he who is intent on, depending on, grounded on and devoted to the spiritual community.

All of our day events run a “bring and share” style lunch, so please bring food to share. All food brought into the centre must be vegetarian, but as many of those attending will be vegan, we suggest vegan only food.

Sthiranāga   Led by Sthiranāga
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to have been coming?

The day will be suitable to all men who are familiar with the two meditations taught at the centre.

I'm not a very good cook - what food can I bring?

We can never have enough of the basics: things like salad, bread, hummus, crisps and fruit always go down well.

Do I need to book?

No - just turn up!

I can't make the whole day - can I come for just some of it?

Of course! Many people who come for half the day will come just for the morning, leaving at lunch time, or the other way around. But you're welcome to come for whatever parts of the day you can make.

How much does the day cost?

All of our events are run on a donation basis. There is no set charge, we just ask you to give what you can to support the day. The suggested amount for this event is £12.

What is pūjā?

A pūjā is a traditional Buddhist ritual that includes chanting and making offerings.

It is probable that there will be several people who have never done pūjā before so we will be sure to give an introduction.

Can I still attend if I am under 18?

All our welcome at our newcomers classes however anyone under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. If this is not possible it will be necessary to bring written permission from a parent of guardian if you are under 18 and would like to attend.