Buddhafield East Retreat

Buddhafield East Retreat

Wednesday 21 August – Sunday 25 August

Come and join the Buddhafield East crew as we celebrate and reverence our nature as nature. We will be camping together and practising together from Aug 21 to Aug 25. There will be a series of weird happenings. Talks on the Samgrahavastus. Processions and Pujas, workshops and meditations. We will be calling out to Kuan Yin for her help to connect us to our roots and our reverence, building a community with each other and with all the living creatures of the earth and air. The camp is family friendly with plenty of children's activities. Saunas and hot tubs and good vegan food. The event is drug and alcohol free. You can book via our website - Buddhafield East Retreat

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring?


A tent or other dwelling.

Sleeping bag and blankets.

Warm clothes, and wet weather gear, boots or wellies.

A torch or lantern

Personal hygiene items including towel.

Hot water bottle if needed for cold nights.

Sun lotion and hat

Any personal medication

Meditation equipment (if you already practise meditation)

A warm hat for those late summer cool mornings and evenings

Alarm clock if you want to wake up for meditation


Musical instruments

Cloths and dressing up in the colour RED in line with the Brahma Viharas/Kurukulla theme for the outdoor rituals

What are the arrival and departure times?

Please arrive from 2pm on Wednesday 21st August 2019.

Please let us know the day and time you are hoping to arrive, and once at the field please give your name at the welcome tent near the gate as this is a prepaid ticket only event.

The closing ceremony for the gathering will begin after lunch at 2pm on Sunday 25th August 2019 and we would prefer it if you could be off the site by 6pm.

If you can stay on an extra day to help us clear up the site then please let Sujayini know, your generosity will be very much appreciated.

What will the food be like?

All meals will be vegan and there will be cow’s milk supplied for breakfast, hot drinks etc.

There will be children’s food available as an option for children who have food preferences.

Please inform us of any dietary needs when you book. Please note that special diets can only be provided on medical grounds.

Water and Hot Drinks will be available throughout the event.

Fruit, biscuits and sandwiches are available for snacks.

What are the camp guidelines?

The event will be community based and all activities are optional although we would like to encourage everyone to join in the spirit of the camp by attending the gathering circle each morning. This will be an opportunity to find out what is on that day and to hear any important camp information.

Will I need to work during the retreat?

To enable the camp to function smoothly everybody is asked to participate in about one hour of work each day.

People will be placed into groups and the work task will change daily.

Examples of the kind of work task that you may be given are: chopping vegetables, washing up, chopping wood, helping with children, keeping the toilets in toilet roll etc.

If you are unable to take part in the work groups then please let one of the organisers know in advance.

Work groups are a great way of making connections and getting to know others more deeply.

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