'Bringing back the light' - Women's Solstice Event

'Bringing back the light' - Women's Solstice Event

Sunday 19 December 10am – 4:30pm

Our annual women's solstice event is on Sunday 19th December. It's an opportunity for us to celebrate the winter solstice together and to make sure the sun returns!

The programme of the day is now a tradition: we'll look back on the past year and let go of anything unhelpful in our life, look forward to 2022 and perhaps make resolutions, and bring back the sun in the light ceremony in the afternoon. 

Bring vegetarian/vegan lunch to share as usual. The day runs from 10 till 4.30.

We look forward to sharing the day together.

Atulyamati   Led by Atulyamati


Time Activity
10.00 Welcome with a cup of tea
11.00 Dedication and meditation
11.45 Looking back on the year passing
12.45 Lunch
2.15 Looking forward to 2022
3.15 Break
3.30 Bringing back the light
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to part of the day?

Yes, please try to come during a break though so as not to cause disruption

How much is it for this event?

We don't charge but we welcome any donation you are able to make

Is there a shared lunch?

Yes please bring food to share for lunch

Can I come if I'm not a Buddhist?

Yes everyone is welcome at out classes and events, however please be aware that there will be some longer meditations and Buddhist ritual (mostly chanting)

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