An afternoon for men and women who have asked for Ordination

An afternoon for men and women who have asked for Ordination

Saturday 25 January 2pm – 6pm

This is an afternoon event from 2pm - 6pm for men and women who have asked for Ordination. We have responded to suggestions made on the joint Mitra day on 14th April and this event will involve engaging with Bhante's wisdom about aspects of practice that are particularly pertinent for those moving towards effective Going for Refuge. There will be plenty of opportunity for sharing our experience as well as studying and discussing Bhante's presentation of this particular theme.

It is important to book for this event.


An opportunity to tune in with each other
A chance to listen to Bhante's perspective on a theme relevant to Going For Refuge
Tea break
A decent length of time to discuss the key aspects of the theme
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event open to anyone?

No. This is an event exclusively for those who have asked for Ordination into the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Will I be able to attend part of the event?

No. As this is only a short event it will be important to be present for the whole session.

Will there be an opportunity to have food after the event?

This will not be arranged by the leaders of the event but if someone would like to suggest and arrange this, it would be nice to follow the event with a meal.

Do I need to read anything or listen to anything in advance of the event?

No. Just come along and be prepared to engage and to share the experience of your practice.

Do I need to book?

Yes please. There is no charge at the time of booking but having knowledge of the numbers of people intending to come will help us in preparing appropriate copies of the material.

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