Newcomers Night

Our newcomers class is held every Wednesday from 7:00pm - 9:30pm. The class offers an introduction to traditional Buddhist meditations and teachings.

The evening is split into two halves. In the first half, we explore one of two Buddhist meditations. The meditation will be fully led and there is no need for any previous meditation experience. After a short tea break, there will be a talk on an aspect of Buddhism. Those who do not wish to stay for the second half are welcome to come just for the meditation but since the two halves compliment one another, we encourage you to stay for the whole evening.

There is no charge for the class but donations are welcome. There is no need to book - just turn up!

The Meditations

We teach two essential Buddhist meditation practices: Mindfulness of Breathing, which enhances awareness and peace of mind; and Mettā Bhāvanā (development of loving kindness), which brings about a gentle but radical transformation of our emotional world. Each week we alternate between the two practices.

This week (5th July) we'll be practicing Mettā Bhāvanā, led by Atulyamati.

Read more about the meditations we teach

The Talks

Our Wednesday classes run through a set series of topics. There is no need for any previous knowledge for any evening, and once the series is complete, it will start again with the first topic. The topics we explore are:

Date Subject
21 Jun Introduction to Buddhism and the Triratna Buddhist Community
28 Jun Ethics: The Preciousness of Life
This Week Ethics: Generosity (talk given by Silanatha)
12 Jul Ethics: Stillness, Simplicity and Contentment
19 Jul Ethics: Wholesome Speech
26 Jul Ethics: Mindfulness and Life Without Intoxicants
2 Aug Meditation: More on Meditation - Part 1
9 Aug Meditation: More on Meditation - Part 2
16 Aug Wisdom: Conditionality
23 Aug Wisdom: Karma & Rebirth
30 Aug Wisdom: The Three Lakshanas
6 Sep Wisdom: The Four Noble Truths
13 Sep The Three Jewels
20 Sep Two Short Talks - Personal Experiences with Buddhism
27 Sep Ritual and Devotion in Buddhism