Meditation and Buddhism at Clacton-on-Sea

The Colchester Buddhist Centre runs beginners and experienced classes in Clacton every Tuesday from 7:00pm - 9:30pm.

There is no charge for the class but donations are welcome.

Current Classes

The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path 

Course led by Silanatha, Sthiranaga and Prasadavajri with support from Maggie and Tom.

Class is suitable for beginners who will receive detailed instruction in the meditation practices of The Mindfulness of Breathing and The Metta Bhavana by experienced meditators.

Right view  

28/03  Four Noble Truths

04/04  Karma and Conditionality

11/04  The Three Lakshanas

Right Intention  

18/04  Non desire (renunciation)

25/04  Goodwill (Brahma Viharas)

Right Speech

02/05  Truthful, kindly, helpful and harmonious speech

Right Action

09/05  1st precept (Kindness)

16/05  2nd precept (Generosity)

23/05  3rd precept (Contentment)

Right Livelihood

30/05  Occupation/vocation/duration

Right Effort

06/06  The Four Right Efforts

Right Mindfulness

13/06  Levels of awareness

20/06  Mindfulness of the body

27/06  Mindfulness of feelings

04/07  Mindfulness of mind

11/07  Mindfulness of Dhammas

Right Concentration

18/07  Working with the hindrances

25/07  Higher states of consciousness

Find Us & Contact

The class is held at Clacton Quakers Meeting House, 26 Granville Road, CO15 6BX.

For more information contact:
Silanatha: / 07960 544873 or
Sthiranāga: / 07538 397946.