Dr Ambedkar Day

Sun 8 Oct 10:30 - 16:30

A joyous celebration of a great man whose efforts changed the world of millions of oppressed people.

This festival commemorates the October 1956 conversion to Buddhism of social campaigner Dr B R Ambedkar, as a way to liberation for himself and his followers.

The Triratna Buddhist Community holds Dr Ambedkar in high esteem. In 1956, he led a mass conversion of oppressed Dalits to Buddhism and freedom, from a caste-based society that held them at the bottom of its hierarchy.

Dr Ambedkar’s embracing of Buddhism is celebrated by Buddhists, especially Triratna Buddhists, all over India, where millions of Dalits continue to be oppressed by caste prejudice.

This celebration of a new turning of the Wheel of the Dharma marks our connection with the Sangha of half our movement, in the land of the Buddha, where a huge celebration will be taking place this year in Nagpur.