Dharma Day

Sun 9 Jul 10:30 - 17:00

Dharma Day is one of the five most important days in the Buddhist calendar. It celebrates the occasion when, after gaining Enlightenment, the Buddha gave his first ever teaching.

The theme for the day is the Three Levels of Wisdom: listening, reflecting and meditating so there we will be Dharma recitation, Dharma reflection in the form of several short Dharma talks on Going Forth, and meditation on the Dharma. We will end the day with Pūjā.

You are welcome to come to all, or part of the day if you cannot attend the entire day. If coming to part of the day, aim to arrive in between one of the events on the programme, or at any time during lunch.

There is no charge for the day.

10:30am: Introduction to the day
11am: Hearing the Dharma
11:30am: Tea break
11:45am: Reflecting on the Dharma
1pm: Lunch*
2:30pm: Meditating on the Dharma
3:30pm: Dharma Day puja

* For lunch, everyone brings a dish to share. If you can, bring vegan-friendly food along to share.